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About Me

I am 36 years old and live in Tampere, Finland. I have been working in the IT industry in different positions for over ten years. My specialty is the development of web applications and backend systems with Java programming language. I have also got a master’s degree from the Tampere University of Technology.

What Have I Done?

When I started working at Alma Media at november 2005, I already had five years of experience from different software companies. However, it was at Alma Media where I had the opportunity to participate in some really interesting and challenging projects as a software architect. These projects include

  • Implementation project of is Finland’s leading online marketplace for both used and new car advertisements. The whole system was implemented from scratch during this project. I was responsible of architecture design, implementation and quality control. I participated also in the supervision of subcontractor’s work.
  • Implementation project of ERP software. The ERP software was implemented from scratch and it is used both to manage customer and contract information and to provide invoicing functions. I was responsible of requirement specification, architecture design and quality control.
  • Implementation project of is the Finland’s leading online marketplace which provides both supply and demand information of rental apartments. I was responsible of requirement specification, architecture design, implementation and quality control.

The years I spent at Alma Media were a very educational experience for me. However, after working there for over five and half years, I decided that it was time to move on. I am currently working as a passionate unarchitect at Vincit where I continue to pursuit my goals to develop high quality software.

Those of you who are interested of having more information about my professional experience should check out my LinkedIn profile and my public Github repositories.

What Makes Me Tick?

Every single people out there has got some things which makes him / her tick. I am not any different. At the moment I am interested of following things:

  • Beautiful and readable code. It saddens me to realize that some people are still writing code for computers to execute. A good developer writes code for humans to read. This is my only style guideline and if you are a developer, it should be your guideline too.
  • Kaizen. In my opinion it does not matter whether I am doing something which is called agile or not. I am still always aiming for continuous improvement. Why? Because I believe that there is always something to tweak which can make my job easier and / or help me to be more productive. I especially like the philosophy behind the continuous improvement because it does not provide me any answers. A big part of the fun is to use the provided tools and find out the answers myself.
  • Learning new things. At the moment I am trying to improve my front end development skills (Backbone, CSS, HTML5 and other cool stuff). I believe that learning new skills is an essential part of being a professional software developer. It makes my work a little bit more interesting and makes me feel a bit more secure, because it is more than likely that I will not wake up one morning and realize that all of my skills are now obsolete.
  • Unit Testing. My name is Petri and I am a unit testing fanatic. You might call me a bit crazy but I truly enjoy writing unit tests for my code. I have a confession to make though: I am not really doing TDD yet. But I will always write the tests eventually.

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