Learn to save time by writing better automated tests. Here's how you can get started:

Get Started With JUnit 5

JUnit 5 is the latest version of the popular JUnit testing framework. If you are writing code by using a JVM language such as Java or Kotlin, I recommend that you take look at it. My JUnit 5 tutorial helps you to learn the skills you need when you want to write automated tests for your applications with JUnit 5.

Learn to Deal With External HTTP APIs

If you have to write tests for code which sends HTTP requests to external APIs, you have to ensure that the correct HTTP request is send to the external API and configure the HTTP response which is returned by the external API. My WireMock tutorial describes how you can achieve these goals.

Write Tests for Spring Web Applications

Spring Framework and Spring Boot) have a very good support for writing automated tests. My Spring MVC Test tutorial describes how you should configure your automated tests and helps you to write both unit and integration tests for Spring and Spring Boot applications.

Read My Blog

I will help you to learn new technical skills and give you ideas which you can use to make your day-to-day work easier. At the moment I write mostly about test automation, but I might write an occasional Spring tutorial as well. If you are interested in these topics, you should take a look at my blog.