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December 2013

My Favorite Blog Posts of 2013

Yesterday I published a list of my most popular blog posts which were published in 2013. I also promised to choose the “best” blog posts of 2013 and publish that list in my blog. Selecting my favorite blog posts was much harder than I

10 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2013

I noticed that Eugen Paraschiv wrote a blog post which lists the most popular articles of 2013 which were published at his website/blog in 2013. Because I think that it is a great idea, I decided to publish my own list as well. Here is my list (all

Why Continuous Improvement Is Worth It?

When we start a new software project, we are typically full of enthusiasm. The whole team thinks that this time we will be able to avoid the mistakes we made in our previous projects. We dream that this time everything will be perfect. And then, we

Book Review: SQL Performance Explained

SQL Performance explained by Markus Winand is a book which has a very bold tagline. This tagline is: Everything developers need to know about SQL performance The book has 192 pages and it covers all major SQL databases (MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL,

What I Learned This Week (Week 51/2013)

Each week I write a blog post which describes what I learned that week. I write these blog posts for two reasons. First, I want to keep track of my personal development and writing regular blog posts is a great way to do it. Second, I want to share