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December 2015

My Favorite Blog Posts of 2015

Yesterday I published 10 most popular blog posts which I wrote in 2015. I also promised to choose my favorite blog posts and publish that list on my blog. This year I decided to select blog posts that fulfill these requirements: The blog post was

10 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2015

The year 2015 is almost over, and this means that it is time to publish the most popular blog posts which I wrote during this year. I selected these blog posts by following these steps: I created a list of all blog posts which were published during

3 Disasters Which I Solved With JProfiler

I have a toolkit that helps me to do my job. It is not easy to earn a place in my toolkit because I want that my tools make my life easier. This means that they must be easy to use (or easy to learn). Unfortunately the world is full of useful