Clean Test Automation Monthly 6 / 2024

The Clean Test Automation Monthly is a monthly blog post that highlights the best test automation content which I read during the current month. This blog post is always published on the last day of the month.

Let's begin!

Test-Driving HTML Templates is a comprehensive blog post that describes why we should write automated tests for the HTML generation logic and explains what kind of tests we can write.

Using Mailpit with Spring Boot is a good blog post that describes how we can test our email sending logic (without sending any emails) by using Mailpit, Docker compose, and Testcontainers.

How to test email in Playwright is a simple and useful tutorial that explains how we can write Playwright tests which ensure that the email sending logic of our application is working as expected. This article helped me a few weeks ago when I had to write end-to-ends which verified that the login feature of the system under test sends the login code to the user's email address.

Should your tests manage transactions? is an excellent blog post that describes when we shouldn't and should write transactional tests (aka tests which manage transactions).

Managing failed tests. Retrieve console logs and screenshots is an interesting blog post that describes how we can capture console logs and screenshots when an end-to-end test fails by using Selenium and Java.

Testing Caching Mechanism with Testcontainers in Spring Boot is a solid blog post that describes how we can write integration tests which ensure that the cache mechanism of our Spring Boot application is working as expected.

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