Clean Test Automation Monthly 7 / 2023

The Clean Test Automation Monthly is a monthly blog post that highlights the best test automation content which I read during the current month. This blog post is always published on the last day of the month.

Let's begin!

Running Testcontainers tests using GitHub Actions and Testcontainers Cloud describes how we can run tests which use TestContainers with Github Actions, explains how we can make our tests faster by using TestContainers cloud, and helps us to catch unwanted behavior (like using a wrong container version) with TestContainers cloud.

Why Integration Testing Is Key to Testing Microservices provides four reasons why we should write integration tests for micro services and describes how we can leverage TestContainers when we have to write integration tests for micro services.

How to Write MockMvc Tests Without ObjectMapper, Part Two - Using a Template Engine is the second article of my article series that describes how we can write MockMvc tests without ObjectMapper. This blog post describes how we can create the request body with a template engine (Thymeleaf).

Seven Reasons You Should Not Ignore Flaky Tests describes why flaky tests are harmful and explains why we should fix them instead of ignoring them.

How to Effectively Test Time-Dependent Code: Unit and Spring-Based Strategies describes how we can write code that deals with current time and is easy test.

Enforcing Your Architecture with ArchUnit explains why it's important to test our architecture and shares examples which help us to understand what kind of rules we can enforce with ArchUnit.

Testing REST API integrations using WireMock describes how we can write tests for code that invokes an external REST API by using WireMock and the TestContainers WireMock Module.

Spring Boot Testing Tutorial help us to get started when we have to write unit and/or integration tests for a Spring Boot application.

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