Clean Test Automation Monthly 9 / 2023

The Clean Test Automation Monthly is a monthly blog post that highlights the best test automation content which I read during the current month. This blog post is always published on the last day of the month.

Let's begin!

Filtering JUnit 5 Tests With Maven and Gradle describes how we can select the invoked test cases by using tag expressions and filter tests with Maven and Gradle.

ArchUnit: Testing Your Architecture is an interesting blog post that describes how we can make sure that our team members follow the architecture conventions by writing automated tests for the architecture of our application.

Simplify Testing Cloud-Native Applications with Testcontainers and LocalStack explains how we can get the required dependencies with Maven, configure Testcontainers and LocalStack, and write integration tests for an application which uses two different AWS services (SQS queue and DynamoDB).

Introduction to JUnit 5 Extensions describes what a JUnit 5 extension is and explains how we can register JUnit 5 extensions declaratively, programmatically, and automatically. We will also learn to identify the invocation order of extensions, a test class constructor, lifecycle callback methods, and test methods.

The Unit in Unit Testing describes how we can write fast unit tests which increase our confidence that our code is working properly, allow us to document the expected behavior of our code, and help us to design loosely coupled applications.

State of Local Development and Testing 2023 introduces the results of survey whose goal was to reveal how the Testcontainers community do local development and testing in 2023.

Develop and Test Spring Boot Applications Consistently describes how we can improve our development (and testing) experience when we are writing Spring Boot applications for Google cloud.

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