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Privacy and Cookie Policy

This page identifies the cookies that are set to your browser when you visit my website and describes how these cookies are used. This information is provided in the following list:

  • Cookie Notice. Cookie Notice is a WordPress plugin which I use for displaying the cookie bar. When you click the OK button, this plugin sets the cookies which hide the cookie bar.
  • Drip. I use Drip as my autoresponder. It sets cookie(s) that are used to measure the conversation rates of my email opt-in forms.
  • Google Analytics. I use Google Analytics for tracking how users interact with my website. If you want to know what cookies are set by Google Analytics, you should read an article titled: Google Analytics Cookie Usage on Websites. Also, you should take a look at this article: How Google uses data when you use our partners’ sites or apps.
  • Thrive Leads. Thrive Leads is a WordPress plugin which creates the email opt-in forms that I use on my website. It sets cookies that are used to measure the conversation rates of my opt-in forms.
  • Social Sharing. You can share my posts on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter. My website uses a social sharing plugin that loads custom Javascript provided by these social media services. This Javascript might or might not set cookies to your browser. Also, if you share my posts by clicking the icons found from the social sharing bar, the social media service might set a new cookie to your browser.
  • WordPress. When you leave a comment on my website, WordPress sets a cookie to your browser. This cookie ensures that you don’t have re-type your information when you want to leave another comment. You can get more information about this by reading an article titled: WordPress Cookies.