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10 Books Every Java Developer Should Read

Old books in a bookshelf

I have read my share of software development books and I have noticed that it is very rare to find a book which I want to read more than once.

However, once in a while I find a book which teaches me new things every time when I read it. This blog post is a tribute to these rare gems.

And now, without further delay, I present to you ten books which have earned a special place in my bookshelf:

This list is based on my (subjective) opinion and it is very likely that your list will look completely different. If you think that I missed a book which should be in this list, share your opinion in the comment section.

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Petri Kainulainen is passionate about software development and continuous improvement. He is specialized in software development with the Spring Framework and is the author of Spring Data book.

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  • Hi Petri,

    Some of these books are somewhat old. May be 12 -14 years old. But the concepts are still valid. Is it? Technology moves really fast. Please correct me if i am wrong.

    • Hi Akalanka,

      You are right. Some of these books are rather old but the concepts are still valid today. The only one which needs an update (urgently) is Effective Java. The second edition covers “only” Java SE 5 and Java SE 6. You can still learn a lot from it but you should be aware that it doesn’t describe the features which were introduced in Java 7 or Java 8.

  • That’s great, thanks.

  • is it useful in reading of the book “The complete reference of java 9th edition” ?

    • Unfortunately I don’t know if that book is worth reading because I haven’t read it. However, it has received very good reviews on Amazon.

  • As a Java developer, I really enjoy reading most of these books.
    I should Thank Petri for sharing this.

    • You are welcome! I am happy to hear that you enjoyed reading these books.

      By the way, you mentioned that you enjoyed reading most of these book. Did you mean that you didn’t like all of them or you just haven’t read them all? If you didn’t like all of them, I would love to hear what book / books you didn’t like.


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