I have realized that producing good video courses takes too much time and money. That's why I decided to try something different and publish only text-based online courses. I chose this format because:

  • It's easy (and fast) to release new material and make changes to the existing material. This means that I can (and I will) make adjustments to the course when I get feedback from my students.
  • I think that a text-based course is a superior format when you need a reference manual. When I write my courses, I structure the course in a way that helps you to find answers to your frequently asked questions. In other words, you can use my text-based courses as a learning material and as a reference manual.
  • Because text-based courses require a lot less work than video courses, I can price them more fairly. I have realized that I don't want to maximize my profits. Instead, I want to maximize the reach of my ideas and text-based courses help me to achieve this goal.

At the moment I am offering these courses:

  • The Introduction to AssertJ-DB course has 6 lessons, 17 exercises, and 2 quizzes. It describes how you can replace DbUnit XML data set files with reusable assertions. In other words, this course will help you to write tests which are easy read, write, and maintain.
  • The Introduction to JUnit 5 course has 23 lessons, 47 exercises, and 12 quizzes. It describes how you can write tests with Junit 5, remove duplicate code from your test suite, and write assertions which identify the requirements of the system under test.