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Sometimes it can be hard to find all the good stuff from blogs because most of the blog posts are hidden in the archive pages. That is why I decided to create this page.

This page provides you a direct access to the tutorials which I have published in my blog. The blog entries of these tutorials are also the most popular ones which I have written.

These tutorials are:

  • Getting Started With Gradle is a tutorial that is written by a beginner, for a beginner. Its goal is to help you to get started with Gradle by solving real world problems one problem at a time.
  • Maven Tutorial helps you to solve some non trivial problems that I have faced during my love-hate relationship with Maven.
  • Spring Data JPA Tutorial teaches you an easier way to implement JPA repositories by using Spring Data JPA. This comprehensive tutorial describes how you can manage your entities, create queries by adding query methods to your repository interfaces, create dynamic queries by using JPA Criteria API or Querydsl, and both sort and paginate your query results. You also learn to add custom functions to a single repository.
  • Spring Data Solr Tutorial teaches you an easy way to use Solr in your Spring powered applications. This tutorial describes how you can run Solr by using Maven, manage the documents stored in the Solr index, create static queries with query methods, implement dynamic queries by using the criteria implementation of Spring Data Solr, and both sort and paginate your query results. You will also learn how you can add custom methods to your repositories.
  • Spring From the Trenches is a collection of my “war stories” that helps you to solve some non trivial problems and save your precious time.
  • Spring MVC Test Tutorial describes how you can write integration tests for Spring MVC applications and unit tests for Spring MVC controllers by using the Spring MVC Test framework (aka spring-test-mvc). This tutorial describes how you can configure your tests, write tests for “normal” controllers, write tests for a REST API and write tests which ensure that the security rules of your application are working correctly.
  • Spring Social Tutorial describes how you can integrate Spring Social with your Spring powered web application. This tutorial describes how you can configure your web application, integrate Spring Social with Spring Security, create registration and login functions which supports both “normal” registration and social sign in, write unit tests for your application, and write integration tests for your application.
  • Using jOOQ with Spring describes how you can use jOOQ in your Spring powered application. This tutorial describes how you can configure the persistence layer of your application, generate the required jOOQ query classes from your database, add CRUD operations to your jOOQ repository, and write database queries which supports sorting and pagination.
  • Writing Clean Tests describes why you should make your tests as clean as possible and provides practical tips which will help you to transform your test cases into executable specifications. If you want to make your tests easier to read and maintain, this tutorial will help you to achieve your goal.
  • Writing Tests for Data Access Code helps you write deterministic data access tests which test the right thing, are easy to read, and easy to maintain. If you want to learn how you can get the most out of your data access tests, you should read this tutorial.