What Can I Do for You?

If you ever ask yourself some of these questions:

  • "How can I do X with Spring Framework?"
  • "How can I write good tests that are easy to read and maintain?"
  • "How can I create an architecture that makes sense?"
  • "How can I be a better developer?"

You have come to the right place!

I can help you to find answers to these questions. I promise that:

  • I will teach you new technical skills. At the moment I am mostly writing about Spring Framework, unit and integration testing, and different build tools. However, I am planning to write about frontend development and different JVM languages in the future.
  • I will make you think. Some of my non-technical blog posts might be provocative, and you might not agree with me. But I promise that every one of those blog posts should raise some thoughts. If they don’t, I have failed.

What Kind of Stuff Do I Write?

If this your first visit on my website, you might want to start with my tutorials. Here are the tutorials that I have published so far:

  • Getting Started With Gradle helps you get started with Gradle by solving real world problems one problem at a time.
  • Maven Tutorial helps you to solve some non trivial problems that I have faced during my love-hate relationship with Maven.
  • Spring Data JPA Tutorial teaches you an easier way to implement JPA repositories without writing any boilerplate code.
  • Spring Data Solr Tutorial describes how you can integrate Solr with your Spring powered application and avoid writing unnecessary boilerplate code.
  • Spring From the Trenches is a collection of my "war stories" that helps you to solve some non trivial problems and save your precious time.
  • Spring MVC Test Tutorial helps you to write both unit and integration tests for your Spring powered web applications.
  • Spring Social Tutorial describes how you can add social sign-in to a Spring powered web application.
  • Using jOOQ With Spring describes how you can get back in control of your SQL and write typesafe SQL queries by using jOOQ’s fluent API.
  • Writing Clean Tests helps you to transform your test cases into executable specifications that are both easy to read an maintain.
  • Writing Tests for Data Access Code describes how you can write data access tests that test the right thing, are easy to read, and easy to maintain.

You can also check my latest blog posts or use the search function that is found from the sidebar.

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About Me

I am a software developer who lives in Tampere, Finland. I am passionate about the following things:

  • Beautiful and readable code. Some people are still writing code for computers to execute. This makes me sad because a good developer writes code for humans read. This is my only guideline, and if you are developer, it should be your guideline too.
  • Kaizen. There is always something that will make my job easier and help me to be more productive. I like continuous improvement because it does not provide me any answers. I think that answers won’t help me to learn new things, and that is why I love methods that let me solve my own problems.
  • Learning new things. The world is not a static place and learning new skills is an essential part of my job. It makes my work a lot more interesting and helps me to select the best tool for the job.
  • Automated testing. I am an automated testing fanatic. I started my career as a unit testing fanatic, but during the last few years I have learned that integration testing is important too. Sadly, I am not writing perfect tests (yet), but I think that every test I write will take me one test closer to that goal.
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