Unit Testing

Three Reasons Why We Should Not Use Inheritance In Our Tests

When we write automated tests (either unit or integration tests) for our application, we should notice pretty soon that Many test cases use the same configuration which creates duplicate code. Building objects used in our tests creates duplicates code. Writing assertions creates duplicate code. The first thing that comes to mind is to eliminate the […] Read more

Turning Assertions Into a Domain-Specific Language

Assertions are an essential part of our unit tests. And yet, it so easy to neglect them. That is a shame because if we overlook the importance of assertions, the assert section of our tests becomes long and messy. Sadly, most tests which I have seen (and written) suffer from this problem. This blog post […] Read more

From Top to Bottom - TDD for Web Applications

I am a "testing fanatic" but I don’t understand test-driven development. Or so I thought. I have read a few books and numerous blog posts about it, and all of them have one major problem: The examples are always too simple. Those examples might be helpful if you write simple text editors or calculators for […] Read more

Why You Should Keep Your Build Green

Continuous integration has established its place among the good software development practices. However, setting up a continuous integration server and configuring it to run your tests automatically does not mean that you are really doing continuous integration. It only means that you have installed a continuous integration server and it run your tests automatically. Martin […] Read more

Wrong Reasons Not to Write Unit Tests

Automatic testing and continuous integration have become a some what standard in modern day software development. Even though I have noticed by experience that automatic testing does indeed reduce the number of bugs found from the software, not everyone is fond of writing unit tests. This blog post gathers together some of the objections against […] Read more