3 Disasters Which I Solved With JProfiler

I have a toolkit that helps me to do my job. It is not easy to earn a place in my toolkit because I want that my tools make my life easier. This means that they must be easy to use (or easy to learn). Unfortunately the world is full of useful development tools that […] Read more

Why I Write Tests?

I write software which is used to manage sensitive information. It doesn't really matter what kind of information my software deals with. The only things that matters are Only authorized persons can access that information. The information must be correct at all times. Also, often the first requirement is a lot more important than the […] Read more

Three Reasons Why Human Skills Are Important for Software Developers

It is easy to think that being a good software developer requires only technical skills. After all, software developers spend a majority of their time designing software and writing code. It is clear that technical skills are important. But if you want to write software for living, you have to be able to work with […] Read more

We Should Not Make (or Enforce) Decisions We Cannot Justify

Software development is a strange industry. New technologies emerge in a fast pace and old technologies become obsolete. The ability to learn new technologies is considered as a sign of a great software developer. It is expected from all of us. And yet, all of us don’t welcome these new technologies and ideas with open […] Read more

Rod Johnson Is Right: The Scala Community Need to Grow Up

The one thing that has always bothered me about functional programming languages is that they seem to attract very intelligent and extremely arrogant people. You might argue that these people are the loud minority of the functional programming community, and you might be right. But guess what? It does not matter. If you want to […] Read more

It Feels Great to be the King

I believe that everyone of us, regardless of our current position, has plans and hopes for our career. It is only natural that we as a developers want increase our knowledge and advance in our career. Sometimes, increasing our skills is not enough. We want to increase our influence as well. We want to become […] Read more