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Spring Data Solr Tutorial: Pagination

File cabinet and drawer
In the earlier parts of my Spring Data Solr tutorial, we have implemented a simple search function which is used to search the information of todo entries. The current implementation of our search function shows all search results in a single page.

Spring Data Solr Tutorial: Sorting

Sorted card catalog
When we are implementing a word search function, we typically want to sort the search results in descending order by using the relevancy of each search result. This is also the default behaviour of Solr. However, there are situations when it makes

Spring Data Solr Tutorial: Dynamic Queries

Multiple open drawers of wooden catalogue
Solr is often referred as a search server which we can use when we are implementing full-text search functions. However, it is often wise to leverage the performance of Solr when we are implementing a search function which takes its input from a

Spring Data Solr Tutorial: Query Methods

Open index drawer
We have learned how we can configure Spring Data Solr. We have also learned how we can add new documents to the Solr index, update the information of existing documents and delete documents from the Solr index. Now it is time to move forward and