The Biggest Flaw of Spring Web Applications

The developers who are using Spring Framework in their applications are good to talk about the benefits of dependency injection. Unfortunately, they are not so good to leverage its benefits such as the single responsible principle and separation of concerns in their applications. If we take a look at any Spring powered web application, the […] Read more

Code Reviews with Five Whys

We are told that we should organize code reviews because code reviews good for our code base. We have followed this advice and managed to build a magnificent facade. We are doing code reviews and improving our code base. Everything is looking great from the outside and it might be true that we are making […] Read more

Reusability is Overrated

I remember a time when I used to believe that the ability to create reusable components was a sign of a professional software engineer. This is definitely true if you are building a framework or a library. However, I am not convinced that reusability is valuable when a framework or a library is used for […] Read more

The Five Characteristics of a Good Domain Model

I was trying to figure out a good definition of a domain model for this blog entry. All of my efforts led in to a somewhat clumsy explanation. However, I was able to find a good definition of a domain model from Wikipedia: A domain model in problem solving and software engineering can be thought […] Read more