Win a Lifetime Access to the Starter Package of My Test With Spring Course

As you might know, I have created an online video course that helps you to write automated tests for Spring and Spring Boot web applications. Also, I am currently recording the second version of this course, and that's why I need your help.

The 3 Improvements That Make My Course Better

I just finished the second version of the Introduction to JUnit 4 topic. This topic has three lessons and all lessons have been updated. This means that I have rewritten the text versions of these lessons and recorded new video lessons. The biggest changes are:

  • I am speaking a lot faster. English isn't my native tongue and when I started to record the first version of the Test With Spring course, I wasn't used to speaking it. Thus, I was speaking very slowly. Luckily, practice makes "perfect" and I learned to speak a lot faster. This means that the new videos should be more enjoyable.
  • The slides don't have so much text than they used to have. When I created the slides of my testing course, I added a lot of text to my slides. This was a mistake because slides aren't supposed to repeat my full message. Instead, slides should help me to enforce my message. This mistake will be fixed in the second version of the course. Also, I use less slides and try to figure out ways to replace slides with code.
  • The breaks aren't as long as they used to be. I received some feedback that the my videos feel a bit slow because they have a lot of breaks. I have fixed this by making some breaks shorter. However, I didn't want to make them too short because this could make my videos hard to follow.

I Need Your Help

Even though I think that I have identified the biggest problems of the Test With Spring course, it's always useful to get a second opinion. That's why I am asking your help.

However, I am not asking you to help me for free. If you send your improvement idea(s) to me, you can win a free copy of the starter package. The rules of this contest are:

  • If you know me "in real life", you cannot participate to this contest.
  • If you want to participate to this contest, you have watch at least one lesson of the Introduction to JUnit 4 topic and send your improvement idea(s) to me. You have to send your ideas to: petri.kainulainen[at]
  • The person who sends me the best improvement idea, will get a free copy of the starter package. This means that he/she will get a lifetime access to the starter package. If multiple persons submit the same idea, the winner will selected randomly.
  • If the winner wants to get a lifetime access to the starter package, he/she must accept the terms and conditions and the privacy policy of the Test With Spring course.
  • The contest ends 19th of June, 2018 at 23:59:59 (Finnish time). If you send your feedback after that time, you cannot win the starter package, but I will still take your feedback into account when I record the second version of the course.

P.S. Participating to this contest doesn't mean that you are added to my email list. You are sending your feedback to my personal email address, and I won't send you any marketing emails (unless you have subscribed my email list).

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