Apache Wicket

Mocking Spring Beans with Apache Wicket And Mockito

Apache Wicket is a component based web application framework which offers good unit testing capabilities. This blog entry describes how you can use those capabilities to mock beans which are injected by using the Spring integration of Apache Wicket (Note: The precondition of this blog entry is that you are using Apache Wicket 1.5). The […] Read more

Wicket HTTPS Tutorial Part Two: Creating Secure Forms

My previous blog entry described how you can create secure webpages by using the Apache Wicket framework. However, since a common use case of a web application is to provide a secure channel for processing information, my previous blog entry is not very useful without additional information. This blog entry will provide a part of […] Read more

Wicket HTTPS Tutorial Part One: Creating Secure Webpages

Using HTTPS to secure certain parts of a webpage is a common requirement when dealing with confidential information. Yet I have been struggling to find a decent tutorial about the HTTPS support of the Apache Wicket framework. This blog entry is written as an answer to that problem, and I am going to describe, how […] Read more