What I Learned This Week (Week 37/2013)

Each week I write a blog post which describes what I learned that week. I write these blog posts for two reasons. First, I want to keep track of my personal development and writing regular blog posts is a great way to do it. Second, I want to share my findings with you. I hope […] Read more

Implementing a Custom Naming Strategy With Hibernate

As all of you who are familiar with Hibernate know, not all entity annotations are mandatory. These non mandatory annotations include @Table and @Column annotations. However, even though these annotations are not required, leaving them out has never been an option for me. I simply don't like the table and column names which are generated […] Read more

Fixing JPA2 Sequence Generator Problem With Hibernate 3.5

I ran into a really weird problem when I was playing around with JPA2 by using Hibernate 3.5 as JPA2 implementation. I had implemented two entity classes called BaseEntity and Person. BaseEntity class contains the common properties of all entity classes. The Person class extends the BaseEntity class and adds some person specific properties in […] Read more