The first thing, which comes to mind, when someone is telling that he is working in the software development industry, is programming. Obviously, programmers have realized the same thing. However, programming is not the only job in the software development industry. It is not even the most important one. This blog entry is written to […] Read more

Wrong Reasons Not to Write Unit Tests

Automatic testing and continuous integration have become a some what standard in modern day software development. Even though I have noticed by experience that automatic testing does indeed reduce the number of bugs found from the software, not everyone is fond of writing unit tests. This blog post gathers together some of the objections against […] Read more

Confessions of a Code Quality Heretic

After I stumbled upon a blog post, which headline was Exceptional Herecy, I decided to write a short blog post concerning my own heretic thoughts, which I have since abandoned. I am pretty sure that almost every programmer has heard the phrase "A good code comments itself". However, at the time when I heard it, […] Read more