Two Ways to Get the Most Out of Daily Stand-up Meetings

A daily stand-up meeting is an essential part of agile software development. It is a meeting which takes place at the same place and time every working day. The agenda of this meeting is simple. Each team member must answer to three question: What did I do yesterday? What will I do today? What problems […] Read more

What I Learned This Week (Week 36/2013)

Each week I write a blog post which describes what I learned that week. I write these blog posts for two reasons. First, I want to keep track of my personal development and writing regular blog posts is a great way to do it. Second, I want to share my findings with you. I hope […] Read more

What is Our Biggest Problem?

The problem with sprint retrospective meetings is that too often they are kept only because they are "required" by Scrum. If that is the case in your organization, you are probably feeling that sprint retrospective meetings are a waste of time. If I would be in your shoes, I would feel the same way. I […] Read more

There Must Be Only One

When I am having trouble with a product or a service, I will contact customer support and expect that my problem is taken care of. Businesses, who truly care about their customers, ensures that the customer gets an answer right away or the customer support will contact the customer after they have figured out the […] Read more

Unleashing the Full Potential of Sprint Retrospective Meetings

Today I was asked, how the concerns mentioned in a sprint retrospective meetings can be transferred to concrete results. I am hardly a Scrum expert, but I have got some experience working as a member of a Scrum team. Thus, I decided to explain, what kind of methods I would use for obtaining maximum benefits […] Read more