Java Testing Weekly 25 / 2019

There are many software development blogs out there, but many of them don't publish testing articles on a regular basis.

Also, I have noticed that some software developers don't read blogs written by software testers. That is a shame because I think that we can learn a lot from them.

That is why I decided to create a newsletter that shares the best testing articles which I found during the last week.

Let's get started.

Technical Stuff

The Really Valuable Stuff

  • Test driven development: theory and practice is a yet another introduction to TDD. However, this blog post is actually a good one because it also talks about the pitfalls of TDD and admits that sometimes automated tests have a negative impact to the design of the implemented application.
  • Types and Tests is a thought-provoking blog post that investigates the claim: "If you are using dynamic typing, you need to write tests for "illegal input" (wrong types, null values, and so on) because you don't have the safety net provided by static typing".
  • Unit Testing Code Boundaries is an interesting blog post that describes how you can write good unit tests for code that interacts with the outside world.
  • Why The Manual vs. Automation Debate is Wrong is excellent blog post which explains why the manual vs. automation debate is a waste of time.

It's Time to Update Your Dependencies

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  • nathaniel Jun 23, 2019 @ 17:23

    Thank you for the post! I am new and learning lots of things from your post and tutorials. I just wanted to say a word of thanks and stay encouraged!


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