Java Testing Weekly 28 / 2018

There are many software development blogs out there, but many of them don't publish testing articles on a regular basis.

Also, I have noticed that some software developers don't read blogs written by software testers. That is a shame because I think that we can learn a lot from them.

That is why I decided to create a newsletter that shares the best testing articles which I found during the last week.

Let's get started.

Technical Stuff

The Really Valuable Stuff

  • On ending the regression automation fixation is a good blog post that describes why you shouldn't write end-to-end tests if you want to get started with test automation. Note that even though the author uses the term regression test, the tests he describes seem like end-to-end tests to me.
  • Streamlining your Automated Test Strategy with Risk Maps is a thought-provoking post that describes how you can get the best bang for your buck by identifying the things that can go wrong and writing tests for the riskiest "parts" of the tested feature.
  • What Is Software Testing introduces an excellent sketchnote that summarizes the article: So, What Is Software Testing by Claire Reckless. This sketchnote introduces different testing activities, describes the benefits of these activities, and helps you to understand why communication is the key to success.
  • Who writes the Cucumber scenarios describes why it's important that the entire project team participates in writing BDD scenarios.

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