Java Testing Weekly 44 / 2017

There are many software development blogs out there, but many of them don't publish testing articles on a regular basis.

Also, I have noticed that some software developers don't read blogs written by software testers. That is a shame because I think that we can learn a lot from them.

That is why I decided to create a newsletter that shares the best testing articles which I found during the last week.

Let's get started.

Technical Stuff

  • Mocking is a Code Smell is a yet another blog post that explains why mocking is a code smell and describes how you can solve this problem. By the way, this blog post assumes that you are familiar with Javascript.
  • Unit testing private methods is an interesting post that describes why you shouldn't write unit tests for private methods. Also, the author also reveals his opinion about testing internal (package protected) classes.

The Really Valuable Stuff

  • Automation and the break even is a very good blog post that explains why the total cost of your test suite is never the price you pay when you write your tests for the first time.
  • How to Get Rid of Tests (Smartly) is a thought-provoking post that describes how you can select the removed test cases if you have written too many tests.
  • Test Automation is not Automated Testing is a yet another blog post that explains why test automation has got nothing to do with testing. That being said, this is a well-written article because the author does clearly understand why test automation is required and why it is not a threat to testing. Thus, this post has no fanaticism.

It's Time to Update Your Dependencies

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