My Black Friday Sale

I am offering a 40 percent discount from the tax free prices of my text-based testing courses which I sell on Here are the discount prices of my testing courses:

  • The Introduction to AssertJ-DB course describes how you can replace XML data set files with assertions written with Java (or any other JVM language) when you have to write assertions for data that's found from a relational database. This course has 6 lessons, 17 exercises, and 2 quizzes. The price of this course is 7,50€ + VAT.
  • The Introduction to JUnit 5 course helps you to get started with JUnit 5 and teaches you techniques which help you to save time when you have to write tests with JUnit 5. This course has 25 lessons, 47 exercises, and 13 quizzes. The price of this course is 20,70€ + VAT.

These discounts end on Monday 27st of November at 23:59:59 (Finnish Time). In other words, if you want to learn new skills and you love a good deal, now is your chance to buy my testing courses.

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