Clean Test Automation Monthly 8 / 2023

The Clean Test Automation Monthly is a monthly blog post that highlights the best test automation content which I read during the current month. This blog post highlights the best test automation content of August 2023. Read More

Introduction to AssertJ-DB

This is a free sample lesson of my Introduction to AssertJ-DB course. This lesson describes why we should use AssertJ-DB, explains how we can get the required dependencies with Maven and Gradle, and helps us to configure AssertJ-DB. Read More

Introducing My AssertJ-DB Course

Because we had a rainy summer (I live in Finland), I decided to write a new course that describes how you can get rid of DbUnit XML data set files, make your feedback loop as short as possible, and eliminate duplicate boilerplate code (aka duplicate assertions) from your test suite. The Introduction to AssertJ-DB course […] Read more