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10 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2013

I noticed that Eugen Paraschiv wrote a blog post which lists the most popular articles of 2013 which were published at his website/blog in 2013. Because I think that it is a great idea, I decided to publish my own list as well. Here is my list (all blog posts were published in 2013): Unit […] Read more

Get 50 Percent Discount on Spring Data eBook (DRM-free)

Packt Publishing started selling its books at shop.oreilly.com. Because O'Reilly wants to welcome Packt Publishing to shop.oreilly.com, all eBooks (DRM-free) published by Packt Publishing are sold on 50% discount. This deal includes my Spring Data book. You can get my Spring Data book by following this link. Use the campaign code WKPCKT to claim your […] Read more

Screencast: Integration Testing of Spring Data JPA Repositories

I think that the integration testing of Spring Data Repositories is an important and often neglected topic. That is why I decided to turn my recent blog post about it into a screencast which answers to the following question: How can we write tests for our repositories because after all, they are just interfaces? This […] Read more

Spring Data JPA Tutorial: Integration Testing

My Spring Data JPA tutorial has taught us that we can create database queries and persist entities in the database by using special repository interfaces. This raises an interesting question: How can we write integration tests for our Spring Data JPA repositories because they are just interfaces? This blog post answers to that question. During […] Read more

Spring Data Solr Tutorial: Adding Custom Methods to All Repositories

If we are using Spring Data Solr in a real life software project, the odds are that sooner or later we will face a requirement which states that our application must be able to communicate with both a local Solr server and a SolrCloud. At the moment, fulfilling this requirement means that we have to […] Read more

Spring from the Trenches: New Like Expressions of Spring Data JPA

Today's war story talks about the like expression handling of Spring Data JPA. Although I have written earlier about a better solution for implementing text based search functions, using an external search server like Solr is not a viable option if the implemented search function is rather simple. Let's consider the following example. Using the […] Read more