Java Testing Weekly 23 / 2018

There are many software development blogs out there, but many of them don't publish testing articles on a regular basis.

Also, I have noticed that some software developers don't read blogs written by software testers. That is a shame because I think that we can learn a lot from them.

That is why I decided to create a newsletter that shares the best testing articles which I found during the last week.

Let's get started.

Technical Stuff

  • Introduction to Spock Framework is a free five part email course that helps you to start writing unit tests with Spock Framework.
  • Selenium vs FluentLenium is a comprehensive blog post which compares Selenium With FluentLenium. The author demonstrates the differences of these two tools by writing UI tests for the same feature by using both tools.
  • Structuring and Testing Modules and Layers with Spring Boot is an interesting blog post that describes you can divide your Spring Boot application into vertical modules and split those modules into different layers. After the author has described the system under test, he explains how you can write tests for both the vertical modules of your application and all layers of a module.
  • WireMock Tutorial: Request Matching, Part One is the newest part of my WireMock tutorial, and it describes how you can specify expectations for the request method and request URL.
  • Write BDD Unit Tests with BDDMockito and AssertJ is an excellent blog post that describes how can you write unit tests which use the given-when-then syntax by using Mockito and AssertJ.

The Really Valuable Stuff

  • On choosing both/and, not either/or is an excellent post which identifies three choices people think they have to make, and explains how you can make your situation better by refusing to make a choice between two harmful options.

It's Time to Update Your Dependencies

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